sUAV ( small Unmanned Areal Vehicle ) Business Solution Provider

A UAV, Drone, RC, Information Technology, Professional Graphics Applications, FPV products, Simulation systems, Software, Hardware Technical and General information, Industry trends, Global, Regional, Local perspective, New, Laws, Jobs and Career opportunities.

Karpet Kleen Maintenance Corp.

Provides professional facilities management services. Serves the small, medium and large business and establishments to assist them in securing the best and highly skilled workforce to address their growing business needs and also offers carpet and upholstery maintenance.

W3 Industrial & Commercial Laundry Services

Specialized Professional Laundry Services for small to large scale businesses, establishments and industries. Highly adaptable laundry handling processes and contaminant testing of all major Commercial Laundry Providers. We have high standards in commercial and clean-room laundry providing professional facilities management services.